A Different Kind of Haunting | Soul Fragments

Intelligent and residual hauntings. These seem to be the two most talked about, and commonly known, types of hauntings. However, as an experienced investigator and intuitive, I’ve often felt there is another type of haunting. Something, perhaps, in-between residual and intelligent.

An intelligent haunting is said to be that of a spirit who is cognitive and aware. This type of entity is essentially an alert being just like you or me, but without a body (or at least one that us humans can interpret). Most commonly when people think of an intelligent haunting they think of the spirit of a passed on human who for one reason or another is stuck here in our plane of existence. However, other types of entities could fall under the intelligent haunting umbrella. For example, entities such as extraterrestrials, nature spirits, angels, demons, and inter-dimensional beings could fall under that umbrella. While some of those entities might not necessarily be a “ghost” per se, they can sometimes contribute to haunting activity, and they most certainly are intelligent and cognitive.

A residual haunting is one where there is no conscious or aware entity causing the activity. Residual hauntings are a type of energetic imprint within a location or even an object. Sometimes, when something traumatic happens, it can get “recorded” into the very energy or essence of a place. And when conditions are right, that event (energy) replays itself. Occasionally, the residual energy isn’t caused by something traumatic, but instead by repetition. For example, a person walked the same path through the house every day for 50 years. Now, the current people living in the home report seeing a shadow walk that very path.

I’ve been on many investigations, and whether through intuition or activity experienced, can usually determine if a haunting is more residual or intelligent in nature. However, I have found that true intelligent hauntings (the wandering soul of a person who passed away) are pretty rare. But then how does that explain all of the times myself and others have had what seemed to be intelligent responses from spirits? A lot of the time, even if the spirit is responding to questions or prompts, it almost seems like the spirit is having a hard time answering some of the questions. At times, it even seems as if the spirit is a little confused. After awhile, I began to feel like in these instances, I was only interacting with a piece of the spirit rather than the whole consciousness or being.

Enter: Soul Fragments.

Through spiritual studies, I had come across the term soul fragment (sometimes called soul loss or energy loss) before. Essentially, humans have our physical body but we also have spiritual or energetic bodies as well. A soul fragment is a piece of a humans energy body that has been broken off from the main energy body…fragmented. This fragment then exists independently from the human it fragmented from. This fragment maintains a type of intelligence to it, but it’s not fully aware or cognizant. Basically, this fragment has the memories and emotions of the original and main energy body, but not quite as clear or strong as the person it originated from.

One day it all clicked for me. I believe this is what a large portion of hauntings actually are, and I call them Fragment Hauntings. While the idea of soul fragments are not a new concept by any means, as far as I’m aware, I have not heard this theory be discussed in the paranormal and ghost hunting world and how it pertains to potential hauntings and activity. I am always open to learn new things, so if you are aware of studies or writings that say otherwise, please let me know.

To me, the idea of fragment hauntings explains so much about a lot of the activity and interaction we get while investigating. It’s almost as if we are communicating with a piece of a persons memory. This could explain why a lot of the time the spirit seems a little confused, or can’t fully answer some of the questions we’re asking. It’s because it’s literally only a fragment of a persons energy. It’s awareness is more than that of a residual haunting but not fully as present as an intelligent haunting.

I believe this also explains why places that have seen trauma tend to be haunted. A major cause for a piece of energy to fragment from a person, is due to trauma. It’s believed this is a way to help protect the person. Not only is this a spiritual term, but a psychological one as well. Sometimes when someone experiences something traumatic (or even embarrassing or shameful) they lock that piece of themselves away in their subconscious, they repress it. In spiritual terms, instead of being repressed but still present within the person, it is literally fragmented and cut away from the person. Think of all the trauma that happens in places like hospitals and prisons, the amount of energy fragmenting from a person would be plentiful. It’s no wonder places like that are haunted.

Not only can fragment hauntings potentially explain a lot of what causes a haunting, but I think it also explains a haunting that seems to disappear or stop. There are a lot of locations that at one time were high in paranormal activity, but then seem to go quiet. Almost as if the ghosts or spirits left. And I think that’s partially true. In spiritual beliefs, particularly shamanism, there is the idea that one can call back their soul fragments and lost energy. Through different techniques and healings, one can be integrated once more with their lost soul fragment. And it doesn’t have to be solely in this life either. You sitting here today could theoretically call back a piece of your soul that fragmented in a past life. Is that what causes a previously active location to go quiet? Did an individual become reunited with a piece of their energy body that had been stuck at and haunting a location? I believe it’s possible.

So much thanks to Sarah for all of her insight! Make sure you follow Sarah on social media, and check out her website. She has a plethora of healings and information available.

So much thanks to Sarah for all of her insight! Make sure you follow Sarah on social media, and check out her website. She has a plethora of healings and information available.

This is a fascinating theory and it’s one that I look forward to expanding on and exploring even further. I invite you to watch the interview I had with shaman, Sarah Petruno. We had a fabulous and layered conversation regarding a shamanistic perspective of what soul fragments are, how the occur, how to call them back, and how this all relates to hauntings and ghost hunting… including the topic of potentially being able to haunt yourself!

So much thanks to Sarah for all of her insight! Make sure you follow Sarah on social media, and check out her website. She has a plethora of healings and information available.



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