Cherise Williams is an author, producer, paranormal investigator, tarot reader and witchcraft practitioner with over 20 years of experience.
She is the author of The Witch’s Guide to Ghost Hunting, published by Beyond the Fray Publishing. She helped produce and star in Haunted: Indiana State Sanatorium, a documentary currently streaming on Tubi.

Cherise holds a diploma as a Healing Arts Practitioner, and has several certifications including tarot reading, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, spiritual studies and life coaching.

When it comes to the paranormal she considers herself a healthy mix of skeptic and believer. She is well known for pairing spiritual and magickal techniques and theories with traditional investigation styles.

When she’s not card reading, writing, producing or ghost hunting, you can find her out in nature, spending time with family, going to antique shops, taking road trips, exploring abandoned places, reading, or watching movies.