Witchcraft ∙ Tarot ∙ Paranormal

with Cherise Williams



I’m Cherise Williams, a wife and mama from Ohio. I’m a tarot card reader, paranormal investigator, and witchcraft practitioner.

I’ve been studying and practicing witchcraft for almost 20 years, and I’ve been reading cards for even longer.

I love connecting with others, inspiring them to find balance, empowerment, and clarity in their lives through tarot readings and spell work.

I hold a diploma as a Healing Arts Practitioner, and have several certifications including tarot reading, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, spiritual studies and life coaching.

Along with guiding others, I’m passionate about the paranormal. I’ve been studying the paranormal for my entire life and always knew that I wanted to incorporate it into my life and career.

I have 15 years of ghost hunting under my belt, including formal/professional investigating with a team, as well as independent/informal investigations.

I’ve investigated in every type of location such as abandoned hospitals and homes, hotels, historic buildings, private residences, and cemeteries.

I consider myself a healthy mix of skeptic and believer, and I enjoy pairing spiritual and magickal techniques or theories with the tried and true scientific methods.

When I’m not card reading, doing spells, or hunting ghosts, you can find me out in nature, spending time with family, going to antique shops, taking road trips, exploring abandoned places, reading, or watching movies.