Spell Work

Group/Community spell services are offered each month.

You can purchase a spot in the spell in one of two ways:

1. Purchase spells individual for $15 each from my Etsy shop

2. Join The Spirit Haven for a minimum of $10 each month, and automatically be included in the spells for the current month

Need spellwork done that you don’t see here? Contact me for personal spell offerings.


How does this all work?

  • I perform one spell for the group (everyone who has purchased a spot for that particular working or belongs to The Spirit Haven).
  • I do all the work, you enjoy the benefits.
  • I will post snippets of the working on social media on or around the date listed on that particular spell. I never post a full working on social media.
  • If the image for the spell work is still up on Etsy, that means you can still purchase a spot.
  • Spell work is $15 for each spell purchased through Etsy or $10 per month (no matter how many spells are offered that month) on The Spirit Haven
  • Please message me with any questions.


I feel like I woke up feeling a lot more confident and sure of myself. The feeling just seems to keep growing, so I’m excited!

Karyna, purchased the confidence spell

Thank you so much for this! I’ve felt an internal shift related to limiting beliefs. Had a couple dreams last night relating to moving forward and pushing through, and I truly feel it is related to this spell.

Laura S, purchased clear roads ahead spell

The day of the spell I received three calls to set up interviews AND had two offers for management! Of course I took the one with the most $$$!

Tina, purchased the good luck spell

I am not responsible for what does or does not happen in your life. By purchasing any of my spell work you are agreeing to not hold me liable for what does or does not happen in your life.