Working With Spirit Animals



Ever wondered what your Spirit Animal was and what messages they may have for you? Curious about the meaning of different animals that cross your path? Want to know how to work with the energy of various animals to improve your life?

In this self-paced online course you will:

  • Learn the difference between spirit animal guides and totems (or power animal)
  • Learn which spirit animal is currently working with you
  • Connect to your spirit animal guide
  • Receive a message from your spirit animal guide
  • Learn the keywords and meanings of many different animals
  • Learn what it means when animals keep popping up in your life
  • Learn how to work with the energy of different animals to bring change and growth to your life through:
    • Meditation
    • Asking for signs
  • Learn some crystals and essential oils you can use to help connect more easily to your spirit animals
  • Course includes a guided meditation, video lessons, PDF downloads
  • And more!


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Lesson Outline:

Lesson One: What are spirit animals?
Learn the difference between animal guides, power animals, animal totems

Lesson Two: Connect to your spirit guide
Guided meditation to connect to one of your animal guides

Lesson Three: Spirit animals and their meanings
Learn about the messages connected to various spirit animals

Lesson Four: Signs and messages from your guides
In this lesson we discuss the various ways that your guides will communicate with you

Lesson Five: How to work with your animal guide
There are several ways that you can work with your guide to build a strong connection

Lesson Six: Working with power animals
Learn how to work with power animals so you can positively transform your life

Lesson Seven: Animal correspondence
Learn about different elements, oils and crystals to incorporate into your practice and work with animal spirits

Lesson Eight: Recommended books and card decks

Lesson Nine: Final Message


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