Unlocking The Tarot Course


In this intro course you will learn the basics about tarot cards including how to choose a deck, card meanings, using your intuition to read cards, storing and cleansing your cards, tools to help your readings and how to do a reading.

“Thank you so much for putting together a great course for tarot newbies like me! I could tell that you genuinely cared that your students understood your material. Your videos made it feel like a one on one session. Love your energy and how authentic you are!” -Michelle


Are you interested in learning the tarot but feel a little overwhelmed and don’t really know where to begin? Then this course is for you! Learn the basics of reading tarot cards, broken down into easy lessons.

In this self-paced course you will learn:

  • The difference between tarot and oracle cards
  • How to choose a deck
  • How and when to cleanse your cards
  • How to store your cards
  • How to shuffle and draw cards
  • The proper way to ask questions
  • Basic card spreads
  • How to use your intuition to read the cards
  • Tools to help amp up your readings
  • Basic card meanings
  • How to continue your tarot education
  • How to gain confidence in reading
  • *Bonus lesson: Reading Reversed Cards

This course contains both video lessons and PDF downloads.

“Unlocking The Tarot was a pleasure to engage with at the end of the day with a brief video and some time to “play” with the cards. I truly appreciate being coached through the tarot from the beginning of the process- before you even pull a card. Learning something new can be daunting but being told “do what feels good for you” was so comforting and made it fun and relatable.” -Kate