Witchy Tip: Birthday Candles

Quick Witchy Tip! In a pinch? Need a candle spell to work quick? Use birthday candles to work your magick!

Birthday candle are easily accessible and come in all sorts of colors. Perfect for candle spells!

Simply choose the color you want to work with (green for prosperity, blue for healing, red for love, etc) and start your spell!

You can even dress (anoint) the candle with oils and herbs as well. 

Have fun!

Ostara Egg Ritual

Blessed Ostara to you! Ostara is celebrated on the spring equinox. It’s a time to honor Mother Earth as she gives birth to new life. This is a wonderful time to give birth in your own life, in the form of setting goals and intentions. You can even include your children in this. A fun ritual you can start on this holiday is “planting an egg”.


Eggs are a major symbol within Ostara as they symbolize fertility and birth. Planting seeds and plants is also common around this time. Take an egg and on it you will write your goals, wishes or intentions for the coming months. Then take the egg outside, dig a hole and bury the egg. You can then plant seeds on top of the egg.

The egg wil help fertilize the soil and the plant. As the plant grows and blooms, so will your goals and intentions. You’re also getting the added benefit of giving back to the earth and leaving a bit of an offering to Gaia.

Want to learn even more about Ostara as well as additional rituals and traditions? Check out the book, Ostara: Rituals, Recipes & Lore. This book is part of a series of books that covers all of the traditional Wheel of the Year Pagan holidays.

Many Blessings!