Tarot & Oracle Cards…What’s the difference?


I get asked frequently what the difference between tarot and oracle cards are. While there are some similarities, there are definite differences too. In this video I explain the key differences between tarot and oracle decks, how to store your decks, which decks you should start with and how you can continue your education on learning to read cards.

*This video was previously recorded on Facebook Live.

Many Blessings!!

Easy Daily Card Spread

It’s so important to start your day off on the right foot. Taking a moment for yourself, gathering your thoughts and focusing your energy. For me, this means enjoying a cup of coffee while I read my cards for the day.

I love connecting with my cards. They really help me to see different areas I need to be focusing on or working on. It helps me figure out the overall energy or lesson of the day. I do a simple three card spread. Check out the details below.

I personally like to use tarot cards for the first two cards and an oracle card for the third card. But this spread can work with all tarot or all oracle cards. Do what feels right for you. I also like to write down my cards and my interpretation each day in a journal. It’s nice to be able to go back and look at what you’ve written. Noticing any trends or whatnot.

1. Less of. This card shows you what you currently need less of in your life. Whether it’s a direction you’re headed, the energy you’re putting out, the thoughts or feelings you have or the people and energy in your life.

2. More of. This card shows you what you need more of. Whether it’s a direction you should be going, the energy to send out, the thoughts or feelings you have or the people and energy in your life.

3. Overall. This card is the overall energy of the day, what you should be focusing on or a lesson you should learning.

  • You could even do just a one card pull for the overall vibe or lesson of the day. I do this if I’m having a particularly busy morning.

As always, do what feels right to you. Tweak this spread to your liking. Always trust your intuition.