How to Create A Simple Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space doesn’t have to be stressful or super involved. You can easily create a simple sacred space with just a few items. Here are some of my tips on creating a simple, yet powerful, sacred space.

A sacred space can be something you set up and leave out all of the time or it can be something you put together just for the duration of your meditation or daily practice.

One of my favorite things to do is choose a few items each day to set out while I meditate. This way, my altar or sacred space is different each day, providing me with what I may need on that particular day.

  • Choose a couple items that have special meaning to you. Perhaps a photo of a loved one, a rock you found on a hike, a feather, etc.
  • Some people like to make sure all four elements are present in their sacred space: earth, air, fire and water. These can be represented by a stone (earth), incense (air), a candle (fire) and a small bowl of water or a seashell (water).
  • Having a candle is helpful. Either a simple candle or a candle depicting a saint or deity of your choice.
  • Having your sacred space high vibe and cleared of any unwanted energies is important. Using some sort of palo santo, sage or essential oils is a good practice to have.
  • Placing a crystal in your sacred space can help boost your energy and intentions.

And there you have it! Nothing super fancy or elaborate but still very powerful and packed full of intention!

What are some of your favorites items to place in a sacred space?


When Meditating Leaves You Loopy

Sometimes when we meditate, it can leave us feeling a little out of sorts when we’re done. This usually happens when you don’t give yourself enough time to “come out” of your meditation or you go deeper into meditation than you normally do. 

Sometimes if you meditate with super high vibe crystals, like selenite, it can make you feel like your heads in the clouds when you’re done. ☁️

It almost always comes down to not grounding yourself properly during or after the meditation. 

Today I went crazy deep in my meditation. Deeper than I normally do. I’m not sure what it was, but something popped me right out of meditation. I didn’t have a moment to slowly bring back my awareness. I felt dizzy, a little confused and not really with it. 🍂So I immediately grabbed my black tourmaline (an extremely grounding stone) and went outside. I placed my feet firmly on the ground, held onto my black tourmaline and envisioned any excess energy leaving my body, down through my legs and feet and entering into Mother Earth. 🌏 I then envisioned the earths stabilizing energy entering my body. Almost instantly I felt better and not so loopy. 🌰

This is a super simple technique to use any time you’re feeling a little out of sorts. Weather permitting, it’s even better when you plant your feet, barefoot. I was actually barefoot prior to this photo op 😉 

Feeling like you need to connect to the earth but weather isn’t on your side? ❄️⛈Snow, too cold, etc. Get a pot and fill it with planting soil to keep in your home, and literally put your hands in the dirt, sifting it around. Envisioning your excess energy absorbing into the soil. 

And of course, keep some grounding stones around. Want to learn even more about using crystals to ground and protect your energy? Check out the Crystal Healing Certification Course!

Many blessings!

5 Steps To Have A Better Day


Today has sucked. It’s lasted forever and it’s still not over. It’s 90 degrees and humid and our AC has been out for a week. The kids will not stop arguing and whining. I’m behind on work and it’s stressing me out. The house is a mess. I’m exhausted, frustrated and drained. But it’s a blessing in disguise.

We all have shitty days, and that’s okay. That’s life. It happens.

It’s even okay to feel bad for yourself every now and then. But you can’t wallow in it forever. You have to do something about it.

Shitty days can be a sort of reminder from the universe that you need to nurture yourself. You need to take care of yourself. Use this reminder as the blessing it is. Slow down. Take care of yourself. 

Take this as permission from the Universe or Spirit that it’s okay for you to take a moment for yourself. In fact, it’s required. Non-negotiable. 

I like to do these five steps: breathe, center, cleanse, ground, nurture.

When the hell am I supposed to fit these steps in? Well, I’m glad you asked. Part of taking care of yourself is making yourself a priority. Sometimes we have to set other things aside in order to fit in our self care.

Maybe this means going to bed a little bit later. Maybe it means rescheduling an appointment. Maybe it means putting off doing the laundry, dishes or work.

Remember, shitty days are major reminders from the Universe that you need to take care of yourself. 

✨Try these five steps, either on their own or (better yet) at the same time. Remember that required time you set aside for yourself?

  • Breathe. This one sounds self explanatory. But I’m not talking about just breathing. I’m talking about taking conscious, full breaths. Inhaling deep through your nose, feeling the air fill your entire body and breathing in calm. Exhaling through your mouth and feeling the tension leave your body and your energy grounding to the earth. The bonus with breathing is that you can do this any time during your day. You don’t need to set aside special time to take a few conscious breaths. I’ve personally taken about a thousand conscious breaths today. It’s pretty much the only thing that’s getting me through the day, to be honest.
  • Center. This activity is best to do when you have some quiet time for yourself, but it can be done at any time. This is like next level breathing. While taking your conscious breaths, close your eyes and really feel within. Really feel your energy coming together and centering. Feeling aligned, calm, collected.
  • Cleanse. When our energy is funky, it needs to be cleansed. Two of my favorite ways are baths and sage with crystals. Sometimes I even do both. Draw yourself a bath and sprinkle in some lavender Epsom salts. The lavender will calm you while the salts will cleanse your energy (and bonus! Help ground you). Let yourself relax, do more of your centering and breathing. Imagine all of the funky energy washing off your body and as the water empties down the drain, visualize the crap energy emptying along with it. To sage yourself with crystals, it’s sort of a bath with smoke. Light your sage and set it in its bowl in front of you. Waft the smoke around yourself, envisioning it cleansing your energy. Close your eyes, holding your quartz and (you guessed it!) do your conscious breathing and centering. Feeling the sage smoke and the crystals purifying you.
  • Ground. A lot of the activities I’ve mentioned are also grounding. But if your energy is feeling extra out of whack, doing an activity specifically aimed at grounding, can be helpful. The easiest way is to go outside, barefoot if possible, and place your feet on the earth. Consciously breathing (you seeing a theme here?) and feeling your energy connecting to the earth. Feeling your unwanted energy transferring into the earth to be transformed by Gaia. Holding some black tourmaline is extra effective. If it’s too cold or weather doesn’t permit, you can do the grounding exercise inside while holding your black tourmaline.
  • Nurture. This one is up to you! Do what you feel would nurture yourself the most. Maybe you want to read your cards or a book. Perhaps giving yourself a pedicure is nurturing for you. Drawing a picture. Listening to a guided meditation. Ideally nurturing yourself will not involve electronics, as electronics can be draining.

My day has been shitty. Super shitty. But I’m using this as my reminder from the Universe to take care of myself. I’ll be doing all five of these steps tonight. And that’s a blessing.