How To Clear Negative Energy (With Your Kids Help Too!)

Smoke cleansing or clearing. Most people have heard of these terms and maybe even know what they are. I’m going to explain what this is, why it works, how to do it, and even how to include your kiddos in on it too!

What is smoke cleansing?

Smoke cleansing is the act of cleansing a space, object or person of negative and unwanted energies.

How does it work?

There are a few ways smoke clearing works. It works by the person performing the cleansing using their intention and their own positive energy to remove the negative and heavy energy. But it also literally works to remove gross stuff in the air. Studies have shown that smoke cleansing (burning certain herbs) literally kills various germs and bacteria floating around in the air.

Smoke cleansing also releases negative ions into the air which makes the air feel lighter and people feel happier. Negative ions are found in forests, near waterfalls and beaches, for example. Things like our electronics pump positive ions in the air which can make us feel bad, down, heavy and even cause headaches.

How do I smoke cleanse?

You can use various herbs, usually which are found dried and tied together in a stick form or bundle. Typically, cleansing herbs are mugwort, rosemary, basil, sage, or lavender. Light the stick and then blow it out so its embers are still burning, like when you light a stick of incense. A lot of people like to then set the stick into a large shell, a small cauldron, or a bowl, to catch the ashes as they fall. Using a feather, wand or even a piece of paper or your hand, waft the smoke around.

When cleansing a room, you want to make sure the smoke gets into the corners of the room and even the closets. When cleansing a person or object, make sure the smoke reaches the entire being.

You should also have a window open for the negative energy to exit through. If cleansing a person or object, you could even do it outside.

Obviously, please be careful of fires and be smart about it. If smoke cleansing a person, be sure to not get the smoke directly in their eyes and be cautious if the person has asthma or some other breathing difficulties.

When doing any sort of energetic cleansing, it really helps to have your intention and mind set on cleansing. Don’t just walk around aimlessly with the smoke. Really envision the smoke cleansing the space. A lot of people also like to say little prayers or mantras as they cleanse.

How Can My Kids Help?

I’m all about including my kids into my spiritual practice when I can. I think it’s important for them to experience things like this. I’ve also found that kids are generally pretty curious and excited about these kinds of things. Folk magic, holistic healing and spirituality are in our blood, our heritage.

When I smoke cleanse my house I like to give my kids a selenite stick. Selenite is a very high vibe crystal known for its cleansing and charging abilities. I like to tell my kids to imagine bright light coming out of their “magic wand”, or maybe sparkles or glitter. And to imagine the wand and light cleaning any yucky or bad feelings out of the house and replacing it with happy feelings. My son was super excited about this and chose to envision rainbows coming out of his wand (because rainbows make him happy he said). Just have your kid(s) follow you around as you cleanse the space together. It’s a fun little bonding moment for sure!