When Meditating Leaves You Loopy

Sometimes when we meditate, it can leave us feeling a little out of sorts when we’re done. This usually happens when you don’t give yourself enough time to “come out” of your meditation or you go deeper into meditation than you normally do. 

Sometimes if you meditate with super high vibe crystals, like selenite, it can make you feel like your heads in the clouds when you’re done. ☁️

It almost always comes down to not grounding yourself properly during or after the meditation. 

Today I went crazy deep in my meditation. Deeper than I normally do. I’m not sure what it was, but something popped me right out of meditation. I didn’t have a moment to slowly bring back my awareness. I felt dizzy, a little confused and not really with it. 🍂So I immediately grabbed my black tourmaline (an extremely grounding stone) and went outside. I placed my feet firmly on the ground, held onto my black tourmaline and envisioned any excess energy leaving my body, down through my legs and feet and entering into Mother Earth. 🌏 I then envisioned the earths stabilizing energy entering my body. Almost instantly I felt better and not so loopy. 🌰

This is a super simple technique to use any time you’re feeling a little out of sorts. Weather permitting, it’s even better when you plant your feet, barefoot. I was actually barefoot prior to this photo op 😉 

Feeling like you need to connect to the earth but weather isn’t on your side? ❄️⛈Snow, too cold, etc. Get a pot and fill it with planting soil to keep in your home, and literally put your hands in the dirt, sifting it around. Envisioning your excess energy absorbing into the soil. 

And of course, keep some grounding stones around. Want to learn even more about using crystals to ground and protect your energy? Check out the Crystal Healing Certification Course!

Many blessings!