Crystal Cleansing Made Easy

How can you cleanse your crystals?

After you’ve used your crystals, whether for healing or spell work, it’s a good idea to cleanse and clear them. A super easy way to do this, and one of my favorites, is to place the crystals in salt. Pictured here, is Himalayan salt, one of my favs. Really for no other reason than it’s the color pink haha. 💕And I like its energy. It has a very calm but powerful energy. Any salt will do though. Salt is purifying, cleansing and grounding. Placing your stones in the salt will cleanse the crystals of any stored energy they may have picked up.

 🐚I like to place mine in a sea shell because I like the cleansing (water) energy of it, plus it comes from salt water (added cleansing oomph). But you can place it in a dish or bowl.  I usually leave the crystals in the salt for 24 hours. ⭐️This is just one of many ways to cleanse your crystals. Want to learn even more? Make sure you enroll in the Vibrational Crystal Healing certification course! 

Many blessings!

When Meditating Leaves You Loopy

Sometimes when we meditate, it can leave us feeling a little out of sorts when we’re done. This usually happens when you don’t give yourself enough time to “come out” of your meditation or you go deeper into meditation than you normally do. 

Sometimes if you meditate with super high vibe crystals, like selenite, it can make you feel like your heads in the clouds when you’re done. ☁️

It almost always comes down to not grounding yourself properly during or after the meditation. 

Today I went crazy deep in my meditation. Deeper than I normally do. I’m not sure what it was, but something popped me right out of meditation. I didn’t have a moment to slowly bring back my awareness. I felt dizzy, a little confused and not really with it. 🍂So I immediately grabbed my black tourmaline (an extremely grounding stone) and went outside. I placed my feet firmly on the ground, held onto my black tourmaline and envisioned any excess energy leaving my body, down through my legs and feet and entering into Mother Earth. 🌏 I then envisioned the earths stabilizing energy entering my body. Almost instantly I felt better and not so loopy. 🌰

This is a super simple technique to use any time you’re feeling a little out of sorts. Weather permitting, it’s even better when you plant your feet, barefoot. I was actually barefoot prior to this photo op 😉 

Feeling like you need to connect to the earth but weather isn’t on your side? ❄️⛈Snow, too cold, etc. Get a pot and fill it with planting soil to keep in your home, and literally put your hands in the dirt, sifting it around. Envisioning your excess energy absorbing into the soil. 

And of course, keep some grounding stones around. Want to learn even more about using crystals to ground and protect your energy? Check out the Crystal Healing Certification Course!

Many blessings!

Crystals For House Plants

Using crystals to benefit humans physically, mentally and emotionally is pretty common and well known. But our house plants can benefit from crystal energy too! Using crystals to benefit your plants is easy!


  • Place crystals in your potted plants or next to them. Not only will the plants benefit from the energy, but so will the energy of the room! Plus, crystals make beautiful decorations 😉
  • Use crystal or gem water to water your plants. Easiest way to do this is place a tumbled crystal in a mason jar filled with water. You can leave the jar on a windowsill next to your plants. That way, the water is always absorbing the crystals energy (which is then transferred to your plants when watering) but when the sun hits the jar, it’s getting an extra boost of solar energy!

My personal favorite crystal to use for house plants is tree agate. But there are many crystals that are beneficial such as:

  • Tree agate
  • Moss agate
  • Green tourmaline
  • Clear Quartz
  • Malachite
  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz

Conquer Social Anxiety With Crystals

I finally found it. The holy grail of crystals for social anxiety! Well, a trio of crystals. I’m beyond ecstatic about this! First I’ll share my personal wondrous trio and then I’ll share some other crystals you may like that help combat anxiety.

In front of my camera, I’m cool as a cucumber. When on Facebook Live or making YouTube videos with potentially tons of people seeing me, I don’t have an issue. But put me in a social situation in front of actual real life humans, face to face, and I turn silent and feel horribly awkward inside while my anxiety is churning. I feel this is a combo of general anxiety, being an empath and being introverted. I used to combat this by drinking while in social situations. But since I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve had to deal with this sober. Plus, not every social situation is it acceptable to drink at anyway haha.

I knew the power of crystals and had tried using several different crystals but it never seemed to do the trick. I still felt anxious and awkward. I did find two crystals that seemed to help a little bit, so I would make sure to carry them with me. My clear quartz necklace and a piece of tumbled labradorite. Then, I got my hands on my first piece of Tibetan quartz. I actually didn’t think much about it when I instinctively grabbed my new Tibetan quartz (along with my clear Quartz and lab) and headed out the door for my husbands birthday. This normally would’ve been a horribly awkward and anxious evening for me. However, halfway through the evening I realized I was comfortable and open while being myself. I carried this trio with me to a couple other social situations and again, I felt almost no social anxiety. BAM! I had found my perfect trio.

So, what’s so special about these three crystals? Let me tell ya.

Tibetan Quartz

This Quartz is extremely grounding and centering. It also helps create a protective shield around you, helping to keep negative and unwanted energies away. Keeping an energetic shield around you is crucial during social situations. Especially for people with anxiety and those of us who are empaths.


This crystal helps to stop your fears and insecurities which in turn can help make you feel more confident. Also helps with anxiety and stress.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can help you feel more energized and happy. It also helps to intensify the effects of other crystals.

If you have social anxiety or are an empath, I highly suggest giving this a shot! Carrying around these three could make all the difference.

Everyone is different and just because these three crystals help me, they may not help you. Play around with different crystals and different combinations until you find what works for you.  Here is a list of other crystals that could help combat social anxiety.

  • Aventurine
  • Green moss agate
  • Calcite
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Tigers Eye
  • Hematite
  • Black tourmaline

Tools To Increase Your Intuition

Looking for ways to increase your intuition and work with your third eye?

Meditating is always a great way to work on your chakras and tap into your intuition or higher power. But there are also some tools you can use, alone or included with your meditation, that can amp up your results.

Your third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows, roughly. This is the chakra responsible for your imagination and intuition. Working with this chakra can help you grow or tap into your intuition. Let’s look at some simple tools that can help jump start this process.

  • The third eye chakra color is indigo or purple. I personally see it as more of a purple or lavender color than indigo. But use your own intuition or vibe for this. Literally surrounding yourself with purple (or indigo) can help this chakra. There’s a lot of information out there about color therapy and how it affects our moods and energies. Some easy ways to surround yourself with purple would be to wear purple, put purple flowers on your desk or even use purple color glasses that can be found on Amazon. The energy of the purple color will influence your third eye chakra.
  • Amethyst! Amethyst is an incredible crystal for all sorts of things. But it’s especially beneficial for work with your third eye and tapping into that intuition. You can carry some amethyst in your pocket, wear amethyst jewelry or hold a piece during meditation. My personal favorite way to use amethyst, and the way I feel works best, is to lay down during meditation and place a piece of amethyst right on your third eye.
  • Palo santo is great for the third eye and intuition. Burning some during meditation or simply in the room you’re in will help. If you’re not a fan of incense smoke you can use palo santo oil.
  • Essential oils are an excellent way to work with your third eye and intuition. There are many oils you can use but my personal favorite to use for this purpose are lavender, jasmine and frankincense. You can either diffuse the oil during the day or during meditation, smell the scent of the oil right from the bottle or apply a bit of the oil right to your third eye. Be sure to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut or sweet almond oil if you have sensitive skin. And of course, be careful not to get it in your eye. Another great way to use the oils is to put a couple drops into your bath water and take a cleansing meditative soak.

These are not the only ways to work with your third eye chakra or intuition but they’re some of the easiest and most accessible, in my opinion.

Which of these tools do you think you’ll use? If you already work with your third eye and intuition, what’s your favorite technique? I’d love to hear it!