Sacred: Strengthen Your Spiritual Practice


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We all live busy lives, which can make it difficult to stick to a spiritual practice. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

With just five minutes a day, you can deepen your spiritual connection and see beautiful results in your daily life. By honoring yourself and sticking to a daily spiritual practice for 15 days straight, you will help yourself to get into a pattern and therefore establish a spiritual routine.

I know what it’s like to want to have a spiritual practice and connection but feeling like I don’t have the time. Sometimes it feels like you just don’t even know how to begin or maybe you feel overwhelmed with so many spiritual tools and activities to choose from. This program will help you figure out which tools and activities resonate with you the most and help you decide how to incorporate them into your practice.

Spirituality isn’t one size fits all, so you will learn how to tailor your spiritual practice to fit your unique needs and desires.

Accountability can be a huge factor in sticking with something, therefore you will have the support of myself, as well as the rest of the group, while you strengthen your daily spiritual practice.

Are you ready to bring a little more SACRED into your life?


Private Facebook group for accountability & connection
Live instructional videos
Unlimited Q&A and motivational support within the private group
At least one guided meditation
Bonus: Free Journaling Workshop Content

Life happens and before we know it we get sidetracked from things that matter.
Such as our spiritual practice, which can be as simple as taking a moment to ourselves. Trust me I know, guilty as charged.

Cherise’s SACRED workshop was exactly what I needed to get back into a routine of finding time to make my spiritual practice a priority again.

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who has put their spiritual practice on the back burner.
-Rhonda C.


  • Lessons and preparation begins on January 1, 2019 where we will have four days of instructional videos, via Facebook live in our private group. These videos will cover various spiritual tools and how to work with them, different spiritual activities, setting up a sacred space, honoring our minds, bodies & spirits and going over any other general questions or concerns the group may have.
  • We will officially begin our daily spiritual practice and accountability on the new moon of January 5th. Each day, I will post within the group and you will be able to comment on the post. A sort of “check-in” to keep yourself accountable to your practice. This is also a good chance to connect with others and share your experiences, or post any questions that I may assist you with.
  • January 21st, the full moon, is the final day of our practice and time together. Of course, at this time you will hopefully be in a beautiful and flowing routine, having strengthened your spiritual practice and connection.

You deserve to have a deep and powerful spiritual connection. Honor yourself by strengthening your daily spiritual practice. I can’t wait to connect with you on this journey.

I would often judge my practice and if it was “right”, but I’m now seeing and feeling (thanks to the SACRED workshop) that it’s right for ME. I don’t have to do what everyone else does, and I can change it up as often as needed. I’m now following a more intuitive practice instead of what I “should” be doing.
-Jennifer L.

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This is by no means required for this workshop, but I want to recommend to you the Sacred Journal & Workbook. This is a journal I created that helps you keep your mind, body, and spiritual practice organized.

You can purchase on Amazon.


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