Root Chakra with Goddess Kali

Root Chakra with Goddess Kali(1)

Change can be scary sometimes, but it’s also so transformative -in a good way! By working with our root chakra and the goddess Kali, we can learn to embrace change. We can learn how to work with these energies to feel empowered instead of powerless.

This online self-paced course comes with:

  • eBook containing:
    • Crystal and essential oil recommendations for the goddess Kali and the root chakra energies
    • Journal prompts to really delve into the shadow and light aspects of the root chakra
    • Information on working with the goddess Kali energies
    • Tarot and oracle card prompts
    • Affirmations
    • Activities and rituals for the root chakra
  • Guided audio meditation connecting to the goddess Kali as well as the energy of your root chakra
  • Video lessons with information about the root chakra as well as the story of goddess Kali and how she relates to the root chakra

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