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Reviews & Testimonials

  • Best. Readings. Ever. Loyal fan since ’08. A+ service. Straight to the point. Accurate every time. Her energy is great. 100% reccomendation. -Natalie Sophia
  • Amazing reading, detailed, given to me so beautifully and I didn’t have not one question, I recommend her to anyone. -Ada Lopez
  • If there was a 1,000 gold star option for my experience with my reading, I’d take it in a heart beat. I am seriously still stunned by the attention to detail and just how insightful my reading was. I’ve had my Tarot reading done once before and wasn’t honestly impressed by the person who did it – it didn’t feel personal or that it really matched me at all. NOT the case the second time around. Cherise was attentive, insightful, and laid out my reading completely for me detail by detail. It was personal and truly spiritual. I will be back for another in the future when I’ve really digested all that she’s told me to apply to my life. Thank you. So, so much!
    -Conner McCrillis
  • I could not believe how on point my reading was and I gave very little info before hand. I was impressed and will be getting another reading very soon!!!
    -Morganne Kaster
  • I came to Cherise for a very special self-love reading as I’ve been having some difficulty “finding my groove” after giving birth for the 4th time earlier this year. Not only was her reading completely clear and spot on, but she had some fantastic advice to add to the messages! I found myself nodding along, just about every minute of my reading. If you’re looking for profound, yet down to earth reading, Cherise is the reader for you.
    -Cory Gunn
  • My tarot reading from Cherise was on point with accuracy! The things she said were all in motion in my life before the reading, it was after the reading that it all fell into fruition. I was astonished at her ability. I will most definitely be hiring Cherise for ALL my future readings and referring her to my friends as well!
    -Jaymie Zanon
  • I am shoooook! Haha. That was amazing and made so many of my feelings and concerns feel validated. You mentioned a tidbit about pregnancy and I was like whaaaat. It’s something we’re currently discussing. Crazy cool!
  • If you have ever considered getting a reading done I HIGHLY recommend Cherise Williams. Clear, definitive, and right on target. Not just the wide variety of things that could apply to anybody but seriously specific and accurate.
    -Jasmine Briley
  • Okay, so yeah. I had to go through the reading twice just to make sure it was real and that you pretty much just saw right through my soul just now.
  • I’m blown away. Truly. -Anonymous
  • I STILL have chills all over my body! I really came to you because I knew you were truly insightful and I needed it and it just hit me in ways I really needed to. I needed this. I can’t thank you enough, I’m speechless.
  • It’s so funny because I had a specific question in mind but have had something completely different weighing on me. I cannot believe how amazing your skills are! You have no idea how much this has helped me. You’ve really set my mind at ease with this information.