Lifecode Aromatherapy

Become a Certified Lifecode Aromatherapist


Upon successful completion of this course, you will…

✓  know what an essential oil is, how it is produced and how it is extracted

✓  know about the 10 major plant families

✓  understand why essential oil quality matters, and what makes them different from synthetic fragrances

✓  learn the difference between essential oil singles and blends

✓  learn how to create your own blends

✓  understand essential oil taxonomy

✓  learn about the history of aromatherapy and what it is today

✓  learn about (what I view as) the “four schools of thought”

✓  learn why there are discrepancies between MLM Essential Oil company educators and Aromatherapy education focused on the English Method of essential oil use

✓  understand the different ways in which essential oils can be used

✓  understand how essential oils impact our mood and emotions

✓  understand how essential oils bring more energy and balance to our energetic anatomy and environment

✓  understand how essential oils support the body systems during times of stress

✓  understand basic aromatherapy and therapeutic terms (educational purposes only- always use compliant language)

✓  learn about the FDA and the importance of using legal language, for public safety, and approved claims

✓  learn about proper essential oil storage and safe disposal

✓  understand aromatherapy as a practice and what certification means

✓  you will be encouraged to find your own path in using the art of aromatherapy as a tool for improved energy and wellness

✓  learn and understand the many aspects of essential oil safety

✓  learn about the different characteristics and aromatic notes of essential oils

✓  learn about essential oil quality testing methods

✓  learn and understand how to read and use GC/MS reports in order to categorize essential oils based on their chemical constituents, therapeutic properties, and safety considerations

✓  learn how to put together and create your own aromatherapy materia medica to use as your own aromatherapy resource

✓  learn ways in which essential oils can support the spirit, based on their plant part energetics

✓  learn the basic metaphysical properties of essential oils

✓  understand how to use safe practices when using essential oils topically, as well as some basic safety notes regarding possible skin issues and phototoxic oils

✓  learn how to use a pendulum and understand why it is a main tool for Life Code Aromatherapy

✓  learn the basic principles of energy healing and the chakras

✓  learn about the energies that surround us, and how they impact our mood and emotions

✓  learn how to discover energetic imbalances within the chakra system, by using a pendulum

✓  learn how to balance the chakras using essential oils

✓  learn how to intuitively select essential oils, using a pendulum and tarot cards

✓  learn about the basic hierarchy of human needs, and how this can impact our emotions

✓  understand the basis of human behavior through basic psychology

✓  understand the three main forms of stress and the many effects that stress can have on the transpersonal person

✓  learn how to remove energetic blockages from the energy body, using basic energy healing methods for both in person and distance sessions

✓  learn basic holistic remedies to support the common discomforts of stress and energetic/emotional detox

✓  learn tips for stress prevention

✓  learn tips for how to conduct a successful client session

✓  you will also be provided with additional *bonus content and helpful aromatherapy resources, located under your “extras” tab