Embodying the Empress

Embodying the Empress(1)

Do you want to find strength in your divine femininity?
Do you wish you could more easily tap into your creativity?

Do you long to welcome more abundance into your life?
Do you need more nurturing in your life?
Are you looking to feel like an empowered woman?

These are all qualities of The Empress.
Creative, nurturing, abundant, strong and empowered.



Embodying the Empress was inspired by the empress card within the tarot, as well as the retreat Awakening the Empress. But don’t worry, you don’t need experience with the tarot to participate in this program.

In this digital program you will learn to tap into the energy of the empress so you can embody these qualities more fully within yourself and your own life, to create lasting and powerful change.


IMG_20170326_124416_132 “Embodying the Empress helped me reaffirm my relationship with this powerful archetype while also providing practical applications to integrate into my everyday. The Empress is one I traditionally identify with least, and I know part of that lies in my struggle with my heart chakra. Working through this course has been an eye opener for me in this regard, and arrived at just the right time. There was an especially potent exercise during one of the later lessons. Thank you Cherise for sharing this content!” Julia Eve of Spiral Sea Tarot


Program Outline:

    • Intro: Who is the Empress and why this program was created
    • The Empress In All of Us: How tapping into and embodying these qualities can improve our lives
    • The Empress & Nature: Why our relationship with nature is crucial to our well-being and empowerment & how we can establish a solid relationship with nature
    • Root Chakra: A strong root chakra creates balance, stability and abundance in our lives
    • Sacral Chakra: How to bring more fertility, creativity and sensuality into our lives
    • Solar Plexus Chakra: Finding empowerment and confidence while setting boundaries
    • Heart Chakra: Forgiving ourselves and others can bring more compassion and joy to our lives
    • Integration: Tips and activities to apply the Empress qualities into our lives in realistic and practical ways


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This Program Includes:

  • Video lessons
  • Journal and/or card prompts
  • Practical Activities
  • PDF’s
  • Guided meditation to connect with The Empress
  • Unlimited email access to me for the duration of the course

This course is designed to help you learn and look within yourself to call forth the strong feminine energies of The Empress, so you can live a more fulfilled and empowered life.

How does this program work?

  • Upon enrollment you will be emailed a secure password to access the course.
  • There are 8 total lessons.
  • This program was designed to run for 15 days, following enrollment. You may work through it at your own pace.
  • All of the content is in video and PDF format.


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