3 Benefits of Working with Animal Energy

Benefits of Working with Animal Energy

There are so many benefits to working with animal energy, but today, I want to share with you three of those benefits…

  1. Animals are deeply connected to the energy of the earth, even animals who haven’t lived a physical life on earth. Working with animal energy helps to awaken and strengthen that earth connection with us. We feel more stable, supported, grounded, and aware.
  2. Working with animal energy helps us to have more compassion for ourselves, our earth, our fellow humans, and our fellow animals. Similar to the strengthening and awakening of the earth energy, working with the animals seems to tap into a special place within our heart-center.
  3. When we work with the animals it awakens a special type of intuition within us. This intuition feels very natural and fluid, while also feeling very grounded and secure. We can then use this intuition to help us an other areas of our lives.

As I said, there are lots of benefits to welcoming animal guides and energy into our lives, as well as many ways to connect to and work with that energy.

In my new course, Animal Guides, we delve even deeper into this special bond. You’ll learn about the different types of guides you can work with, ways to connect, how to decipher their messages, and more.

Much love,

Emotional Release Oil Blend

Essential oils are excellent at helping us with a myriad of emotional needs. That’s because our sense of smell is connected right to our limbic system of the brain.

The limbic system is responsible for memory, emotions, behavior and learning.

So when you smell an essential oil, it’s literally affecting the part of your brain that’s responsible for your feelings.

This then triggers your body to release specific chemicals and endorphins related to that particular feeling.

Scientists have even found that various parts of our brains become more active depending on which scents we’re smelling.

So this means that we can actually help our brains and bodies release various emotions and even reprogram our brains accordingly!

It’s all pretty cool if you ask me!

I’ve been working on releasing some emotions and came up with this blend to use. I suggest using this blend (or any oils) for emotional release, paired with some affirmations.


In a 5mL roller bottle mix:

11 drops Ylang Ylang

5 drops Cypress

3 drops Lime

2 drops Geranium

1 drop Siberian Fir

Tip off with fractionated coconut oil

Optional: add rose quartz chips and rose petals

Why these oils?

  • Ylang Ylang helps with releasing emotional blocks and boosts confidence
  • Cypress helps you to release the judgments others have placed on you while assisting you with change, trust and patience
  • Lime helps you to work through your feelings while providing you with inner peace
  • Geranium is a very soothing and comforting Oil
  • Siberian Fir helps to ground your energy and provide you with strength

Many Blessings!

Please make sure to check for any contraindications before using essential oils. I am not a medical doctor or psychiatrist. Please seek a professional for any emotional, physical and mental needs.

Confidence Essential Oil Blend For Empaths

Whether or not you’re an empath, this blend will be beneficial to you as we all need a boost of confidence sometimes. But if you are an empath, this blend will be especially helpful for you.


What is this blend for?

-This blend is especially good for the solar plexus chakra.
-It’s beneficial for empaths as it helps you filter out others emotions from your own.
-This blend helps boost your confidence so you can attract what you desire in life.
-It has the added benefits of being good for your digestive system.
-It raises the vibration of your aura so you can attract more high vibe things into your life, while blocking lower vibes.

What’s in this blend?

Cardamom essential oil (10 drops)
Grapefruit essential oil (8 drops)
Fennel essential oil (4 drops)
Fractionated coconut oil (top off the bottle)
Ginger root (a pinch)
Rose quartz chips (1-3 chips)
10mL roller bottle

confidence essential oil blend for empaths

What do these ingredients do?


  • Encourages clarity so you can see the direction you want to go in life
  • Helps you filter out energies and emotions so you can release what isn’t yours
  • Helps bring motivation, confidence and courage
  • Physically it benefits the digestive system


  • Brings joy, happiness and positivity which will help raise your vibration so you can more easily attract what you want in life while deflecting what you don’t. A higher vibration also brings more confidence


  • Helps you to be more assertive
  • Encourages perseverance and motivation

Ginger root

  • Represented by the element of fire which helps activate the solar plexus chakra (confidence and motivation)
  • Helps attract success and power into your life

Rose quartz chips

  • Vibrate with the energy of love, which helps our aura vibrate higher
  • Encourages us to have love and compassion for ourselves. The more we love ourselves, the more confident we are

How do I use this blend?

  • Apply this blend to your abdomen (solar plexus chakra)
  • Use this blend whenever you need a boost of confidence
  • If you’re an empath, use this blend prior to going anywhere around other people
  • Use this blend every day until the blend is gone to strengthen your solar plexus chakra, bring about confidence and success into your life.
  • I suggest saying some affirmations when you apply the oil, such as:
    • I am confident and assertive
    • What I desire in life for my highest good comes easily to me
    • I attract success and abundance easily in my life
    • My aura vibrates at a high frequency
    • I am a divine being of love who is confident and deserves good things
    • My aura is strong and only pure energies of the highest good may enter my energetic space

Anything else to know?

  • This blend contains a citrus oil. Avoid applying anywhere on your body that the sun or UV rays may get to.

Looking to get your own essential oils? I use and recommend dōTERRA essential oils.

Many blessings!
Cherise Williams




5 Crystals for Self Love and Acceptance

There are many crystals you can use to help facilitate self love and acceptance. Here is a list of five of my personal favorites. 


Amethyst helps you to get in tune with and connected to your emotions. A lot of us are good at blocking out our emotions, ignoring them or letting them control us. Amethyst will help you to work with your emotions. 


If you’re looking to not only embrace your inner truth, but express it as well, amazonite is the crystal for you. It has a very strong but tender energy. 


Howlite helps you to be totally comfortable with yourself. Silly quirks and all. 


This crystal encourages you to have a divine connection with your higher self. Connecting with your higher self, in a divine manner, helps you more easily work with your intuition and your true self. 

Rose Quartz:

No list of self love crystals would be complete without talking about rose quartz. This is the Big Mama of love crystals. Self love, tenderness, compassion and inner peace and forgiveness. 
Many blessings!

Self Love Tarot Spread

It’s currently February, which means you pretty much can’t go one day without hearing about love and romance. Which can be kind of annoying for some, even upsetting for others. 

Regardless of your feelings on the commercialization of Valentines Day or your feelings on romance, February is definitely ripe with the energy of love. 

I personally prefer to harness the energy of February with love for my family and friends, my community and also upping my Self Love Game.


And y’all know, using tarot and oracle cards are one of my favorite ways to help facilitate soul growth and healing. So I wanted to share with you a simple self love spread you can do for yourself. This spread will give you some insight into what you could focus on for optimum self love growth and healing. 

Card One: What do I need to release from my life to make room for more self love?

Card Two: What is something I need more of in my life to help grow my love for myself?

Card Three: What is blocking me from truly loving myself?
Many blessings!

Birthday Tarot Spread and Ceremony

My birthday was a couple of days ago and I did a little ceremony and card reading for myself. I thought I would share it here with you to do on your own birthday!

Holding ceremony for yourself at important times of your life is important. It doesn’t have to be a lavish ceremony or anything. Just a little something special for you to mark the occasion.

Here is a small birthday ceremony and tarot spread you can try on your next birthday.

  • Light a white candle
  • Clear your aura and space with some sage or palo santo
  • Read your tarot cards (with the spread below or one of your choosing)
  • After the reading, jot down any thoughts or feelings that came up.
  • Sit in quiet meditation and review your year, the good and the not so good.
  • Come up with one thing you’re thankful for. Sit with this feeling for a bit.
  • Come up with one thing you’d like to release or leave behind in the coming year.
  • Write this down on a small piece of paper.
  • Practicing fire safety, burn this piece of paper and envision what you’re releasing being released within the smoke.

And that’s it! Maybe end your ceremony with a relaxing lavender bath and head to bed.

Here is the birthday Spread:

  • What was your main lesson from the previous year?
  • What lesson can you expect this coming year?
  • What birthday message does your younger self have for you?
  • What birthday message does your Spiritual Team have for you?
  • What is something you should focus on in the coming year?

I hope you enjoy your birthday reading and ceremony!



What Does It Mean To Be A Witch?

What is a witch? This is a question I’ve been asked a lot. You’d think in this day and age, the scary old hag eating children stigma attached to witches would be gone by now. But sadly, that image is still around. On the plus side though, more and more people are speaking out about what it truly means to be a witch. More and more people are learning the true meaning behind something that is honestly quite beautiful. In fact, you yourself may be a witch and not even realize it!


In order to spare you from having to read a giant long blog post, I made a video discussing my opinion of what it means to be a witch. This is by no means the absolute definition, as people have varying opinions of their own. This is my own personal thoughts on the matter. I love answering questions! If you have any questions, please ask away!

Side note: In the video I say multiple times that the full moon is all about setting intentions. I was so excited about what I was talking about, I didn’t realize what I was saying haha. Although intentions can be set at the full moon, typically we set intentions at the new moon.

Many Blessings!

How To Receive Signs From The Universe

Does the Universe give you signs?

The universe, our angels and our spirit guides are always giving us signs. Signs to let us know they’re with us. Signs to let us know we’re on the right track. Signs for all sorts of things!

These signs may come in the form of synchronicity. Some may call synchronicity just a coincidence. But it’s more than that!

Do you ever have those moments where you’re talking about something and at the same time you say a word, a person on the tv or radio says it too?

Or maybe you’re talking about an old friend you haven’t talked to in years, only to have them reach out to you?

Perhaps you’re thinking of a particular topic and then someone gifts you a book on that exact topic? This is synchronicity at work! And you can use this to your advantage to work with the Universe and get messages (signs)!

I was recently watching a clip from the fabulous Gabby Bernstein (which you can watch here) and she was talking about using this synchronicity to get messages and confirmation from the Universe.

Not long after, I had a situation that I wanted confirmation on, so I put her suggestion into action. And let me tell ya, it works! Basically, Gabby was saying that if you’re looking for confirmation (Should I take this job? Is this the house for me? Should I start writing my book? Etc.) then you simply ask for a sign from the Universe.

You can say: “Ok, Universe. If I should (insert topic here) then please show me an owl.” You can use whatever sign you’d like. Gabby mentioned personally using an owl, I myself asked for a spider. Then you wait for your sign. Don’t go out actively searching for it. Just live your life and be aware if your sign happens to pop up. Gabby suggests if after 24 hours you haven’t received your sign, then you can assume your answer is no and you aren’t going to receive a sign.

So how did this work for me? I was curious if I should add a new business venture into my already pretty full schedule. I meditated on it and got a pretty positive confirmation. I then did my cards and yet again, a super positive confirmation.

But sometimes you just want extra confirmation, ya know?

I remembered the Gabby video, so I asked the Universe to show me a spider if the answer was “yes”.

Why a spider? I don’t know, it was the first thing that popped into my head so I went with it.

Trusting that intuition!

A couple hours later, I got onto snapchat. And guess what the first thing I saw was? A video of a HUGE spider! And guess whose video it was? Gabby Bernstein’s!

Talk about freaking synchronicity and a huge “HELLO Here’s your confirmation” from the Universe!

Needless to say, as soon as I saw that video, I went ahead with adding the new business venture to my life. When the Universe screams that loudly at you, you listen haha.

UPDATE: I just went on a walk with my family. As I was walking I was thinking about this new business venture and wondering how in the heck I was going to incorporate it. We get home from the walk and I look down. Crawling on my arm was a small spider! (Luckily spiders don’t totally freak me out haha). Taking this as yet another confirmation that the universe has my back and I’m on the right track with this venture.

Have you asked for signs from the Universe? Do you think you’ll be giving this a try? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Conquer Social Anxiety With Crystals

I finally found it. The holy grail of crystals for social anxiety! Well, a trio of crystals. I’m beyond ecstatic about this! First I’ll share my personal wondrous trio and then I’ll share some other crystals you may like that help combat anxiety.

In front of my camera, I’m cool as a cucumber. When on Facebook Live or making YouTube videos with potentially tons of people seeing me, I don’t have an issue. But put me in a social situation in front of actual real life humans, face to face, and I turn silent and feel horribly awkward inside while my anxiety is churning. I feel this is a combo of general anxiety, being an empath and being introverted. I used to combat this by drinking while in social situations. But since I’ve stopped drinking, I’ve had to deal with this sober. Plus, not every social situation is it acceptable to drink at anyway haha.

I knew the power of crystals and had tried using several different crystals but it never seemed to do the trick. I still felt anxious and awkward. I did find two crystals that seemed to help a little bit, so I would make sure to carry them with me. My clear quartz necklace and a piece of tumbled labradorite. Then, I got my hands on my first piece of Tibetan quartz. I actually didn’t think much about it when I instinctively grabbed my new Tibetan quartz (along with my clear Quartz and lab) and headed out the door for my husbands birthday. This normally would’ve been a horribly awkward and anxious evening for me. However, halfway through the evening I realized I was comfortable and open while being myself. I carried this trio with me to a couple other social situations and again, I felt almost no social anxiety. BAM! I had found my perfect trio.

So, what’s so special about these three crystals? Let me tell ya.

Tibetan Quartz

This Quartz is extremely grounding and centering. It also helps create a protective shield around you, helping to keep negative and unwanted energies away. Keeping an energetic shield around you is crucial during social situations. Especially for people with anxiety and those of us who are empaths.


This crystal helps to stop your fears and insecurities which in turn can help make you feel more confident. Also helps with anxiety and stress.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can help you feel more energized and happy. It also helps to intensify the effects of other crystals.

If you have social anxiety or are an empath, I highly suggest giving this a shot! Carrying around these three could make all the difference.

Everyone is different and just because these three crystals help me, they may not help you. Play around with different crystals and different combinations until you find what works for you.  Here is a list of other crystals that could help combat social anxiety.

  • Aventurine
  • Green moss agate
  • Calcite
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Tigers Eye
  • Hematite
  • Black tourmaline