Cheap Spells & Spiritual Tools

Sometimes you don’t have the money to buy the fancy ingredients needed for spells or to buy the nicest spiritual tool for your altar, and that’s okay!

Every now and then I’ll see some major shade and judgment thrown around online in regards to “cheap” tools to use in your spell work or practice. Sometimes referred to as Dollar Tree Witches.

In this YouTube episode (audio can also be found on The Goddess Life Podcast), I’m talking about this very topic. I use the analogy of preparing for and cooking a meal to preparing for a performing a spell.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts.


Pendulums with Cory Gunn | The Goddess Life Podcast

All you ever wanted to know about pendulums! In this video, Cherise interviews Cory Gunn. Cory is a Wiccan practitioner, Sacred Duality Coach, Pendulum Reader and Card Slinger. And when it comes to pendulums, she’s the gal you want to connect with!

Cory’s Website:
Cory’s Instagram @WilderWombyn

This interview was recorded for The Goddess Life Podcast which can be found on iTunes and most podcasting apps.

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Reaching Goals & Freaking Out

When we set goals, we can only assume that we will be thrilled and happy when we achieve said goals.

But what happens when we set a goal, start to see that goal manifest into our lives…and then freak out about it??

In this episode, we talk about that “freak out moment” that a lot of us experience when we see our goals becoming a reality. It’s in this moment that we can keep going, or we can succumb to the freak out and sabotage our goals.

Check out the video below (or find the audio over on The Goddess Life Podcast) and see how you can use that freak out energy to continue to propel yourself forward.


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Small Sacred Moments

Sacred moments can be found all around us, all day long. Even during our most mundane tasks (I’m looking at you, laundry), we can experience profound moments of sacred connection.

In episode 31 of The Goddess Life Podcast, we’re discussing this very topic. How to incorporate sacred moments throughout our day, in an easy but powerful way. Whether washing the dishes, taking a walk or taking a shower, you can experience some beautiful sacred energy.

The Goddess Life Podcast can be found on iTunes, Libsyn and most podcasting apps.

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Mermaids with Lalantia

Mermaids, are they real? For a long time I always thought they were a nice story but I wasn’t quite sure if I believed in the legitimacy of them. Eventually I did open my mind to the concept of mermaids and other mystical beings.

Mermaids have quite a lot to teach us and share with us. I was really excited to interview Lalantia (Candace) for The Goddess Life Podcast, as she is a magical facilitator who connects regularly to mermaids and other beings.


Lalantia has a wealth of knowledge on the topic, and in this episode we discuss things such as:

-How Lalantia (Candace) grew up in a strict religious household and how it wasn’t until she was an adult that she broke through the walls that had been built up to tap into magic.


-How to raise your vibration to connect to mermaids and other magical beings.

-How mermaids (and ourselves) are connected to Atlantis.

-Using seashells, crystals and water to connect to and communicate with the mermaids.

-Hear a channeled message from the mermaids.

-How mermaid energy can help us release shame and embrace our sensuality.

-How to bond with the mermaids.

-Learn about different types of mermaids and what they might look like.

-Hear my own personal experience with a mermaid.

-Learn how to journey and work with Lalantia to connect to your own magical beings.

Lalantia is a Psychic Realm Channeler who taps into realms normally beyond our reach and accesses guidance, support and healing from Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns, Faeries and other Beings of Myth and Magic. You can connect with Lalantia in her Facebook group: Sorceress Circle, on her website and on Intagram @LalantiaMakana


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How To Journal

Journaling. You either love it, you hate it, or you just aren’t too sure about it. But journaling doesn’t have to be lame and boring. There are countless ways to journal! You can customize your journal experience to fit your unique needs.

There are also a ton of benefits to journaling. For example you can boost your creativity, increase your communication skills and lower your stress.

In this video I go over the benefits to journaling as well as a handful of techniques you can try today.


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Mary Magdalene & Spiritual Activism

Whatever your ideas and feelings are in regards to spirituality, activism or spiritual activism, I urge you to check out this episode of The Goddess Life Podcast. It’s empowering, eye-opening and filled with LOVE.

Our special guest this episode is the luminous Faye Wylder.

Faye Wylder is a lightcaster, a preacher and a pray-er who helps others with her Breath Alchemy (which you will hear about in this episode). She also works intimately with Mary Magdalene and sharing her message.

Faye is a deeply spiritual soul who is passionate about spiritual activism.

In this episode Faye shares the importance of activism in the spiritual community, what activism looks like and how we can go about making a difference in the world. She also shares the story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, and how Mary Magdalene herself was a spiritual activist.

You can connect with Faye via her website or on Instagram @FayeWylder

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