About Me

Photo by Anna Inez Photography

I spent the majority of my life secretly miserable. I was blessed to be surrounded by a loving family, but I was still living with fear, sadness, confusion and self-loathing. I coped by abusing drugs and alcohol. Looking back on my life it was easy to see why I let myself live such a sad existence. I was sexually abused as a young child, lived with and witnessed domestic violence in my early years, was in physically, emotionally and mentally abusive relationships growing up and dealt with tons of guilt for letting myself make horrible choices. On the inside I was screaming, crying, alone. On the outside, I plastered a smile to my face and acted like everything was fine. Even those closest to me had no idea of what I had been through or how I was (not) dealing with it. Throughout my life I always gravitated towards mysticism, spirituality and tarot cards. Those things, paired with my journal and spending time in nature (especially under the moon), helped get me through a lot of tough times.

Fast forward many years and I was blessed to become a mom. My kids helped save my life. After having my kids, I had stopped the drugs completely and stopped partying. I tried working on myself. I read inspirational quotes, tried being more positive and happy. But it wasn’t enough. So I put myself back into counseling. I had been before, but this time was different. I had found an incredible therapist and I was finally REALLY ready to deal with all of my “stuff”. Around this time, I also stopped drinking completely (other than an occasional piña colada, yum) . I delved head first into therapy, self help books, holistic healing, finding my spirituality and my light. It was hard as hell. I broke down lower than I’d ever been before, and I did it sober. But I got through it and I came out stronger than ever before. I found my creativity, my soul, my heart, my intuition, my light. I found myself. I found my inner goddess. And through all of this, I also found my life’s purpose. To help other women find their own light and magick. To help other women find their own creativity, intuition, spirituality and happiness. To help other women embrace and embody their inner goddess. If I can make it through everything I’ve been through and come out shining, anyone can. And I’m beyond blessed to be able to help others accomplish this.

Photo by Anna Inez Photography

Through my own journey of healing and wholeness, I realized how important various “tools” were to my process. Crystals, essential oils, meditation, tarot cards, etc. really helped to focus my energy and help to make me whole again. This is why I talk a lot about these tools and incorporate them in my practice. I really believe they can help bring your light and life to a whole new beautiful level.

Photo by Anna Inez Photography


My Credentials

-Medical Assisting Diploma, 2006, Everest Institute

-Attended American College of Healthcare Sciences focusing on aromatherapy and herbal studies, 2014-2016

-Certified Crystal Healer, 2016, Blossoms United

-Certified Holistic Tarot Reader, 2016, Blossoms United

-Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner, Diploma Program, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2017

-Life Coaching Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2016

-Hypnotherapy Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2016

-Holistic Entrepreneur Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2017

-Transpersonal Psychology Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2017

-Spiritual Studies Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, 2017

-Ordained Priestess and Spiritual Guide, Universal Brotherhood Movement

Photo by Michelle Black


As Seen In

I’ve had the absolute honor and pleasure to be featured or interviewed by some lovely people. You can check out some of them below.


Connect With Me

Facebook: @CheriseWilliams.xo

Instagram: @CheriseWilliams.xo

Youtube: @Cherise1218





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