Sleepy Self Love Oil Blend

I made this blend for my thirteen year old daughter. I chose these oils for the blend because my daughter has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Her little mind is always racing with anxious thoughts. These oils help to calm the mind and help you have a better nights sleep. 

Like I said, she’s a thirteen year old girl. So naturally, she’s having some slight self esteem issues and mood management difficulties. The oils in this blend help balance those things. 

The oils in this blend…

Cedarwood: helps promote focus, relieves tension, relaxing and helps promote confidence

Vetiver: relaxes and can help make you sleepy and encourages self esteem

Lavender: the ultimate relaxing and sleepy oil while helping to bring about compassion and self awareness 

How to:

In a 10mL roller bottle, add two drops of each oil. Top off with a carrier oil (I used sweet almond oil). 

Apply to bottoms of feet and back of neck before bed. 


My daughter has been using this every night for about a week now and we’ve totally seen a difference. She’s falling asleep quicker, she’s staying asleep all night and her mood has improved and seems more balanced. 

I made this blend for my daughter, but this would be a great blend for adults as well. 


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