Self Love Tarot Spread

It’s currently February, which means you pretty much can’t go one day without hearing about love and romance. Which can be kind of annoying for some, even upsetting for others. 

Regardless of your feelings on the commercialization of Valentines Day or your feelings on romance, February is definitely ripe with the energy of love. 

I personally prefer to harness the energy of February with love for my family and friends, my community and also upping my Self Love Game.


And y’all know, using tarot and oracle cards are one of my favorite ways to help facilitate soul growth and healing. So I wanted to share with you a simple self love spread you can do for yourself. This spread will give you some insight into what you could focus on for optimum self love growth and healing. 

Card One: What do I need to release from my life to make room for more self love?

Card Two: What is something I need more of in my life to help grow my love for myself?

Card Three: What is blocking me from truly loving myself?
Many blessings!


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