Crystal Cleansing Made Easy

How can you cleanse your crystals?

After you’ve used your crystals, whether for healing or spell work, it’s a good idea to cleanse and clear them. A super easy way to do this, and one of my favorites, is to place the crystals in salt. Pictured here, is Himalayan salt, one of my favs. Really for no other reason than it’s the color pink haha. 💕And I like its energy. It has a very calm but powerful energy. Any salt will do though. Salt is purifying, cleansing and grounding. Placing your stones in the salt will cleanse the crystals of any stored energy they may have picked up.

 🐚I like to place mine in a sea shell because I like the cleansing (water) energy of it, plus it comes from salt water (added cleansing oomph). But you can place it in a dish or bowl.  I usually leave the crystals in the salt for 24 hours. ⭐️This is just one of many ways to cleanse your crystals. Want to learn even more? Make sure you enroll in the Vibrational Crystal Healing certification course! 

Many blessings!


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