How To Heal Your Solar Plexus Chakra

My solar plexus chakra has been in some serious need of some TLC. I’ve been doing various things to balance this chakra. Yoga moves, meditations, journaling, etc. Today I want to share with you a simple and effective activity and tools I used yesterday to help this chakra healing.


Similar to my throat chakra TLC I posted about a bit ago, this activity utilized a beverage, Crystal and card pull. Check out the details below!

I set aside about thirty minutes for myself to really sit with these tools and did a bit of active meditation and guided imagery.

  • Golden (turmeric) Milk. I made myself a tasty cup of warm Golden Milk. Turmeric not only has amazing health benefits (that you can read about here) but it’s excellent for the solar plexus chakra!
  • Citrine Crystal. I made sure to soak up all of the wonderful vibes of citrine. Citrine is my favorite solar plexus crystal. It helps raise your confidence and self-esteem while promoting joy.
  • Oracle Card. I pulled myself an oracle card after asking, “what can I do to help heal this chakra?”. I chuckled at the perfection of this card. Singing bowls are well known to balance the energies of our chakras. Perfect! I then pulled out my singing bowl to use. The oracle deck I used is the Seeds of Shakti oracle deck by Gypsy Arts. 

I still have a lot of healing to do within this chakra, but I know using my tools and taking some meditative moments will surely help me along. Hopefully they can help you too!



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