How To Balance Your Throat Chakra


Yesterday I was feeling pretty damn rough. Ok, to be honest, I had been feeling down for awhile but it all became too much yesterday.

I had gone to bed very early after crying my eyes out. I wasn’t totally sure why I was even feeling this way. I woke up the next day and decided, enough was enough. I had let myself feel crappy for 24 hours, I had cried, I embraced the lows. But it was time to be constructive.

I took a moment to really sit with myself. To see why I was feeling so bad. I made a mental list.

  • I wasn’t feeling heard.
  • I wasn’t feeling respected.
  • I was feeling ignored.
  • I felt my thoughts and feelings didn’t matter.
  • I was keeping my emotions bottled up instead of getting them out (through talking or writing)

Then it hit me, ding! My throat chakra was totally out of whack and had been for awhile. I also put two and two together and realized that the sore throat and mild chest congestion I was experiencing were physical manifestations of a blocked throat chakra.(The throat chakra governs the respiratory system and when it’s out of whack, you can experience issues with this body system).

I created an action plan to get myself out of this funk and nurture my throat chakra. I’ll share the tips below.

  • I chose my crystals. The throat chakra color is blue, so essentially, any blue crystals will work. I chose sodalite and lapis lazuli. I also chose black tourmaline as I wanted a crystal to help ground my scattered energy while flushing out the negative energy.
  • I made herbal tea. I made a tea that had peppermint and cinnamon included in it. I also added some honey. Peppermint, cinnamon and honey are excellent for your respiratory system and balancing the throat chakra.
  • I pulled a tarot card. I asked, what can I do best heal my throat chakra? I pulled the High Priest (hierophant in other decks). This let me know that I hold the key, the inner knowing, of what to do. It also let me know that making an appointment with my counselor would be beneficial. I agree haha.

So what did I do?

I sat consciously with my tea and crystals. As I drank my tea, I felt it soothing my throat. I also said encouraging words, affirmations in my mind. My voice matters. What I have to say is important. People respect me. I communicate with ease. 

After drinking my tea, I lay down for five minutes with my tourmaline at my feet and my sodalite and lapis on my throat chakra. I closed my eyes and envisioned a bright blue light glowing strongly at my chakra.

I also jumped on the Facebook Live and did a live broadcast all about what I was currently doing to heal my throat chakra. Speaking my thoughts and feelings. Empowering myself with my voice. While also helping to uplift others.

Powerful stuff! To recap on healing the throat chakra:

  • Use appropriate crystals
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Do visualizations and recite affirmations
  • Use your voice! Whether through actually speaking out loud or even writing in a journal. Do something to get your thoughts out.


Many blessings!


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