Chakra 101: Third Eye

🔮Sanscrit name: Ajna.

🔮Color: Indigo (or purple as some believe, myself included).

🔮Location: Forehead, in between the eyes.

🔮This chakra is all about your intuition and imagination. Also governs your thoughts and concentration.


Is Your Third Eye Chakra Balanced?

Is your third eye chakra balanced?

🔮When your third eye chakra is in balance you:

Have a good memory.

Easily able to visualize things in your mind.

Can “see the bigger picture”.

You will be very intuitive.

You’ll have a good imagination.

🔮If your third eye chakra is out of balance you may:

Be close minded.

Not have much of an imagination.

Not very intuitive.

Have a hard time concentrating.

🔮Physically you may get migraines or have vision troubles.

Using Tarot for Your Third Eye Chakra, Plus Possible Causes for Imbalance. 

Sometimes imbalances within our third eye chakras just happen. But here are some possible causes:

  • Ignoring your intuition.
  • Witnessing traumatizing or upsetting things.
  • Not embracing your imagination.

Using the tarot to help pin point any areas of imbalance or possible causes can be super beneficial. Here are some examples of tarot prompts you could use to work with balancing your third eye:

  • How can I improve my concentration?
  • How can I tap into my intuition?
  • How can I encourage my imagination?
  • What is blocking me from being more open minded?
  • What is contributing to my blocked intuition?
  • How can I best balance my third eye chakra?


Which crystals and oils are best for your third eye chakra?

Here are some of my favorite essential oils for working with the third eye:

  • Thyme: helps you focus on your intuition and the bigger picture. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Use diluted.
  • Tea Tree: helps you process divine wisdom. Helps clairaudience.
  • Spruce: helps you channel divine guidance. Use diluted.
  • Sandalwood: helps quiet the mind.
  • Rosemary: helps you to mentally focus. Avoid if you have seizures or hypertension.
  • Clary Sage: helps you interpret your intuition. Avoid if you have low blood pressure, are pregnant or nursing.

Here are some of my favorite crystals for the third eye chakra:

  • Labradorite: I personally always have some near me when doing readings. Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts while also shielding you from negative energy.
  • Lepidolite: opens and activated the third eye chakra. Also helps with concentration.
  • Amethyst: helps you to hear your inner voice. Also helps prevent nightmares.
  • Lapis Lazuli: opens the third eye and increases psychic ability.




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