Chakra 101: Throat Chakra


💠Sanscrit name: Visuddha

💠Color: blue

💠Location: throat

💠This chakra is all about speaking your truth, expressing your thoughts and being verbal.

💠We will be going over how to tell if this chakra is balanced or not, ways it becomes imbalanced, working with the tarot and using crystals and essential oils for this chakra.

How To Tell If Your Throat Chakra Is Balanced Or Not:

💠If your throat chakra is balanced:

  • You will be a good listener.
  • You are able to easily express your thoughts.
  • You speak up for yourself.
  • You’re able to express your creativity.
  • You speak with honesty.

💠If your throat chakra is out of balance:

  • You’ll have a of speaking or you may speak too much.
  • You will have a hard time expressing your feelings or thoughts.
  • You may gossip about others.
  • You may interrupt a lot.
  • You’re not a very good listener.

💠If your throat chakra is out of balance you may physically feel:

  • Tightness or tension in your jaw or neck.
  • Sore throat.
  • Ear aches.

I am not a medical doctor. If you’re experiencing health concerns, please seek a professional healthcare provider. 

How To Use The Tarot To Help Your Throat Chakra:

The tarot is an excellent tool to help you get to the root cause of why your throat chakra may not be balanced and how you can best go about balancing it. Here are some examples of questions you could ask:

  • Why is my throat chakra out of balance?
  • What can I do currently to help balance my throat chakra?
  • How can I be a better listener?
  • What is preventing me from speaking my truth?
  • How can I best express my thoughts?


Which Crystals & Essential Oils Are Good For The Throat Chakra?

💠Essential Oils:

  • Peppermint is great for the respiratory system. It can help you express yourself more easily.
  • Eucalyptus is another oil good for the respiratory system. It helps you feel free and able to speak your truth more easily.
  • Cypress helps give you a fresh energy to vocalize your thoughts.

I suggest opening a bottle and taking a couple whiffs of the oils scent right from the bottle, while envisioning your throat chakra glowing brightly and balanced. You can also diffuse your oils while you meditate on balancing your throat chakra. Need oils? Shop here.


  • Lapis lazuli opens and balances your throat chakra. Helps you express yourself.
  • Turquoise helps balance. Also gives you confidence to speak more openly.
  • Blue calcite helps you express yourself and to understand unspoken messages. Also good to help you hear your spirit guides.
  • Blue apatite helps with public speaking.
  • Sodalite helps with self expression and speaking honestly.




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