Chakra 101: Root Chakra 

We start off with the first chakra, the root or base chakra. ❤️

  • The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Muladhara.
  • Kundalini, your spiritual life force, is located here.
  • It’s located at the base of your spine/tailbone.
  • This is your survival center. Things relating to your finances, security, earthly matters, self preservation, safety, grounding and physical self.
  • The color of this chakra is primarily red but also black, brown and gray can be used.
  • I’ll be going into more details about this chakra in the coming days. How to tell if it’s balanced or not, ways to work with this chakra, how to balance it, etc.

Is your root chakra balanced?

There are lots of terms to describe a chakra that is out of whack. Open or closed, over active or under active, balanced or imbalanced, and more. For these posts we will be using balanced or out of balance.

So, how can you tell if your root chakra is balanced?

  • You feel secure and grounded
  • You’re able to relax easily
  • You feel stable
  • You feel physically healthy
  • You’re comfortable in your body and in your life

What if your root chakra is out of balance?

  • You may feel fearful or anxious
  • You may be quick to anger or aggressive
  • Lack of focus or discipline
  • Fear of change
  • You may be disorganized
  • Worried for your future and stressed about money and security

There are also some physical symptoms that can be associated with a root chakra out of balance. They are:

  • Intestinal issues
  • Being overweight or underweight
  • Leg or back pain
  • Immune system out of whack

How does the root chakra get out of balance? And how can you use the tarot to clarify?

There are several factors that can contribute to a root chakra being out of balance. Typically a root chakra out of balance has less to do with your current situations and more to do with your childhood and even past lives. However, current situations can also play a role.

My past lives are affecting my root chakra?! Yup! If you felt at all unstable in a past life, you could be feeling it now and not know why. Perhaps your soul endured famines, poverty, plagues or wars. That could definitely make someone not feel very secure.

Most commonly our root chakras get out of balance when we are children. Our root chakra is the first chakra to really become established after we’re born. It’s our center for basic survival and trust. When our survival needs aren’t met as small children or we don’t have the most stable home life, we may not have a very balanced root chakra. We carry this with us into adulthood.

Of course, current things in your life can play a part into throwing this chakra out of balance. Any sort of trauma that “shakes your foundation” can be a cause. Enduring a house fire, losing your job, sickness, death of a loved one, etc.

How do I know what’s making me unbalanced? When working on balancing your chakra and working through any blocks or issues, it can help to know exactly what it is you’re dealing with in the first place. This is where the tarot (or oracle cards) can come in handy. Simply ask the cards for clarification and go from there. Example questions could be:

  • What from my past life is causing my root chakra to be unbalanced?
  • How can I best work through past traumas?
  • What should I be focusing on right now in regards to my root chakra?
  • What can I do to balance my root chakra?
  • What do I need to heal within myself to best benefit my root chakra?

One of the best tools you have in connecting to your chakras is your intuition! More often than not we know what we need.

How To Balance Your Root Chakra With Essential Oils


Essential oils are one of my favorite ways to work with my chakras. They’re easy to use, you can use them in many ways, they smell heavenly and they have added benefits to go along with chakra balancing!

There are a ton of different oils you can use to help balance your root chakra. But my three favorites are:

  • Frankincense: Is a very spiritual oil. It helps to connect the root chakra to the crown chakra, creating balance. It’s also a very grounding oil that helps you feel relaxed. Physically it can help with cellular function and makes your skin look good 😉
  • Balance Blend: This blend is incredible for the root chakra. Helps you to feel relaxed and secure. Can help you to not feel so anxious while helping you to feel balanced.
  • Patchouli: A wonderfully earthy oil. Helps to keep you balanced and grounded. Also can help appearance of wrinkles on your skin. Magically, this is an oil of prosperity and abundance.

How To Use The Oils For Balancing

First and foremost, you must use oils (or any tools) with intention! Give yourself a moment to really focus on YOU and your healing. Use the oils with the intention of balancing your chakra. My favorite is to use the oil, close my eyes, breathe in and out at least ten times (slow, deep breaths) and envision my root chakra getting brighter and brighter red, really feeling it get balanced.

  • You can use the oils aromatically by putting them into a diffuser or even just removing the lid and breathing the scent straight from the bottle.
  • Rub the oil (diluted if necessary) right onto the root chakra (tail bone or lower back area).
  • Put a couple drops into a warm bath.

Balance Your Root Chakra With Crystals

Crystals and chakras go together like peanut butter and jelly! A good rule of thumb for choosing which crystals to use with your root chakra is too choose a red, black or gray crystal. There are some crystals that are good for the root chakra that aren’t those colors, but in general, those are the best.

My personal favorites are:

  • Red jasper
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Black tourmaline
  • Black obsidian

These crystals are great at balancing the root chakra while helping to keep you grounded.

How to use the crystals to balance your chakra?

Just like with the oils, you want to use the crystals with intention.

  • You can lay down and place the crystal on your root chakra, envisioning the chakra growing brighter.
  • You can also hold the crystal while you meditate, maybe even listening to a guided meditation specifically for balancing the root chakra.

These are just two ways to use the crystals. You can learn a lot more about using crystals to work with your chakras in our online Crystal Healing Certification Course. Click here to learn more!

Physical Health For Your Root Chakra


It’s important to remember that in order to have balanced chakras, we need to focus on holistic health, healing the whole body. This not only is our spiritual, energetic and emotional body, but our physical body as well. DoTerra has tons of great products for the whole body. Here are some DoTerra products that I think are excellent at making sure your physical body is health, and in turn, making sure your root chakra is healthy.

Now, these things don’t necessarily correspond exactly with what the chakra energetically governs, but it does represent the foundation of someone’s whole health. And the root chakra is the foundation of the chakras.

If someone is struggling with this area of their overall health, I choose these 4 products as being a beautiful foundation and great place for people to start.

  • The Family Physicians Essential Oil kit for multiples use having to do with supporting the physical body. This kit comes with tons of oils that are beneficial for all sorts of healing.
  • Coconut oil for proper dilution of essential oils.
  • The Life Long Vitality Pack for overall system support for a healthy life and body.
  • Terra greens for a supportive nutritional boost!

You can head here to check out the products. If you want to get a 25% discount off your products, you can join my DoTerra team. Many Blessings!






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